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  Born and raised in San Antonio, TX, I have a Fine Art background in photography, and also I've been shooting weddings for quite a loooooong time.  I've worked for many companies, and I can tell you that hiring your photographer directly is very important.  It's necessary to meet with your photographer because it's not only imperative to like their photographic style but also be a good match personally.  And people who know me have tended noticed that I've got personality!  I may not be gooey pink wedding flowers, but I'm a pretty decent photographer, and my photos aren't too bad.


  I believe in providing straight forward service, no gimmicks.  I am an alternative to the status quo of wedding photographers.  I want to be the one wedding vendor that is easy to deal with, AND you enjoy spending your wedding day with!  I like to have fun with my clients on their wedding day and bring out their personality which I hope is reflected in their wedding photos.  I encourage clients to express any ideas and concepts for their images, after all, I'm happy to shoot them on their big day.

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