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Don't be late to your own wedding!

The importance of punctuality and allowing enough time for wedding photography cannot be stressed enough! It's a wedding -things happen. Expecting the unexpected and rolling with the punches is part of a wedding photographer's job. But planning ahead of time with clients and sticking to the wedding timeline as best as possible, is crucial.

This is especially true in the beginning initial segments of the wedding day. If the wedding goes too far off track from the timeline before ceremony, there is less time afterwards for creative photography of the bride and groom. Once all photos are done after ceremony of the families, and then of course the bride and groom wedding portraits, the timeline isn't as important since time can be pushed back or forward during the reception for most events.

Another thing to consider is of course time of the ceremony if its outdoors. Sometimes it cant be helped, sometimes the venue dictates ceremony time. But usually bride and groom can decide when they want to allow time for their portraits the day of. Even if that means possibly seeing each other before ceremony and doing those photos ahead of time. All of this is done in order to best make use of "golden hour."

Clients who understand the importance of giving their wedding photographer enough time and opportunity to be creative, will be rewarded with beautiful and timeless photos to display and pass down to future generations! So next time you're planning your wedding timeline, consult with your photographer and take into consideration their recommendations, and try to be on time!


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