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You Can Afford Awesome Wedding Photos!

And here's how.

I recently had a couple that wanted to hire me to do elopement photos. They were doing a courthouse wedding and were interested in having me take their photos downtown for 30 minutes, just a romantic series of the two of them together. Luckily they were able to find me within the sea of wedding photographers in San Antonio, and we were a great match, I said yes! I was able to provide them some great images and offer them a half hour wedding shoot, something many photographers don't commonly offer. They wanted some images turned into black and white to fit their vision of their photos, and we got some great photos!

I realized that this elopement package is something that might appeal to others right now during this time of micro wedding popularity. A 30 minute wedding photo session actually makes sense. During a long wedding day, we usually take about 30 minutes anyway to do photos of the bride and groom sometime within their event, so to be able to get the same amount of attention and quality as a large wedding package, is actually pretty cool!

The Elopement package is currently a half hour wedding photo session on location, and you will receive all images full resolution, available to download online. If you are interested please message me to check for availability!


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