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You'll get better wedding photography when you hire an independent wedding Photographer!

Guaranteed. This is because of the the simple reason that directly hiring an independent photographer instead of going through a company will ensure that you get to talk with your photographer to get the images you want.

When you are looking for a wedding photographer, during that interview process you want to make sure you enjoy their personality as well as their portfolio. You get to discuss the photographer's approach and style, as well as negotiate price. You can't do this when you use a company. You can't even be sure that the images that company shows you were taken by the photographer you will be assigned.

I always like to talk to perspective clients on the phone if they aren't able to meet in person. Together we can go over their timeline and arrange how many hours of coverage they need and if there are any special photos, circumstances or events to consider during their wedding. Only by speaking to a photographer directly can you truly customize your experience.

I realize that not every prospective bride and groom will be a match for my services, but I always know that the couples that hire me to photograph their weddings were truly meant to be!


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